Can minors stay at Generator?

Certainly! Minors, defined as individuals under 18 in Europe and in the United States, are welcome at Generator. Here's how their stay is managed:

Accompanied Minor:

  • Minors accompanied by a legal guardian/parent can book a private room.
  • The legal guardian/parent must stay in the same room. If relationship status is not clear, a completed parental consent form must be presented.
  • If minors are part of a school group that has booked an entire dormitory, they can stay in a dorm.

Unaccompanied Minor:

  • Private room bookings by unaccompanied minors are considered in Denmark, Ireland, and Germany for ages 16 to 18, and in the Netherlands for ages 17 to 18 only.
  • A parental consent form, filled in and signed by parents or legal guardians, is required.
  • A copy of the parents/legal guardian’s identification card is needed.

Parental consent form

Should there be any doubt regarding the authenticity of the parental consent form, Generator reserves the right to call the parent/legal guardian to confirm their identity. 

All guests must present a valid photo ID upon check-in. For guests who have pre-paid, it is also required to show the card used for payment. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in automatic cancellation without any refund. This policy applies to all guests, including those who have completed the online check-in.