Generator Sessions

Get the Party Started

Picture yourself grooving to live DJ sets, immersing in creative art experiences, striking yoga poses, and dancing the night away at legendary late-night parties that redefine the very essence of fun. Over here, we call it #GenSessions. #GenSessions are one-day festivals packed with our five-pillar culture, community, food, drinks, and music.

#GenSessions' journey kicked off at Generator Amsterdam in May, in collaboration with Hunkering, setting the stage for a day brimming with creativity and culminating in a legendary late-night DJing. Since then, we've exported the #GenSessions concept to other vibrant cities like Berlin, Rome, and Stockholm.

From cityscape yoga to pop-up tattoo parlours, CBD drawing sessions to sets from top DJs, the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary; this is what #GenSessions is all about.

If you missed the previous #GenSessions, hold onto your hats because more #GenSessions updates are coming your way as we roll into the future – the adventure is still in full swing, and you won't want to miss a single beat!


We cycled our way to Amsterdam, where the pulsating beats of DJ Oliver Weiter's Liveset at Generator Sessions.


#GenSessions Berlin was an electrifying explosion of beats, creativity, and pure Berlin magic. From legendary DJ sets to spontaneous art happenings, we get why Berlin is the unrivalled party central – and we cranked it up a notch!

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