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What's on at Generator Stockholm


Welcome to Generator Stockholm, where each day unfolds as a unique event, offering game nights, techno takeovers, karaoke extravaganzas, and weekend-long good vibes. Join us for a dynamic stay filled with unforgettable experiences, creating lasting memories at the heart of the city!

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19:00 – Meet & Mingle 👋🏼

Free popcorn 🍿 And your fellow travellers ❤️


20:00 – Musical Bingo 🎶

Bop to some nostalgic tunes, then serenade us with them at karaoke after. 😉


20:00 – Arcade Night 🎲

Ping pong, foosball, pool, subsoccer! Come be a kid again & get your mario kart on!


20:00 – Classic Bingo 🥳🎊

Feeling lucky? Join us for traditional swedish fun and call it out! b..i...n...g...o!!!!!!! 


20:00 – Trivia Night 🤓

Team up and see if you remember anything from school...or tik tok!


20:00 – Karaoke Contest 🏆🎵

Got what it takes?! Probably not. Sing your heart out anyway.


20:00 – Karaoke 🎤💃

All bets are off...key. Come sing all your favourite tunes with us!


20:00 – Board Games Night 🎲 🎯

Jenga, uno, cards against humanity... come play with us! 

Generator Stockholm is more than just events – it's a vibe! But there's more! Dive into ping pong, foosball, pool, subsoccer at any day. Seeking a chill time? Board games and happy hour deals have got you covered. Join us for an all-encompassing experience, where each moment is extraordinary! 🎉✨