• How do I cancel my booking?
    If you need to cancel a hostel booking, make sure you check our cancellation policy first.
  • What's your cancellation and refund policy?
    Read our cancellation and refund policy, which explains everything you need to know about cancelling a hostel booking and your eligibility for a refund.
  • Can I change my booking?
    If you've chosen to pay for your booking when you arrive, you can amend it by getting in touch with the hostel directly. If you paid for your booking in advance, it's non-refundable and we won't be able to amend it. 
  • Do you have any discount codes available?
    Go to our offers page to find all our available promotions and discount codes.
  • Can I still book if I don't have a credit card?
    No. You'll need to have a credit or debit card to guarentee your booking. See the list of cards we accept.
  • Can I pay for my room using cash?
    Yes, you can pay cash at check in. Just bear in mind you'll need a debit or credit card to guarentee your booking. 
  • I haven't received a confirmation. What should I do?
    Don't worry, just get in touch with the hostel directly and give them your full name and date of arrival.
  • How long can I stay at the hostel?
    It all depends on availability. Get in touch with the hostel directly to check. 
  • How can I do a group booking?
    You can make a group booking for up to 10 people through the website here. If your group is bigger than 10 people, were recommend talking to the hostel directly.
  • Can I be sure all my friends will be put into the same dorm?
    We'll always try our best to put you and your friends in the same room. Make sure you get in touch with the hostel before you arrive to make sure they know.
  • Can under 18s stay in the hostel?
    Yes, but they'll need to be accompanied by an adult and stay in a private room. If an adult is not present then you must present a completed parental consent form along with a valid copy of the signing parent's ID in order to stay in a private room. Additionally, guests under 18 can only stay in our dorms if they are part of a group that has booked out the entire dorm room and each member has the required documentation outlined above. Have a look at our age policy for more details. 

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