UK Tax Strategy

About Generator
The Generator Group (“Generator”) is a leading global hospitality group. We own and operate a portfolio of hostels across a number of jurisdictions including the UK.
This tax strategy sets out the approach to tax of all the UK entities, including UK permanent establishments, of Generator. This tax strategy has been approved by the board of directors and is subject to periodic review.
Our tax strategy has been published in accordance with paragraphs 19(2) and 22(2), Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. It is published on behalf of G 3120 Collins Parent Limited, G 640 Main Parent Limited and the UK sub-group headed by Queensgate Generator Holding Limited. This tax strategy relates to our accounting period ended 31 December 2019.
Governance & Risk Management
Generator have implemented procedures and processes to proactively identify and mitigate tax risks. We continually manage and monitor our compliance with the relevant tax legislation and reporting requirements with the support of reputable external advisors.
Our experienced Group Finance function is responsible for managing these processes and procedures on a day to day basis. The finance staff are experienced and qualified professional individuals.
The Group CFO has overall responsibility for the oversight and management of the tax affairs of the business and supported by the broader finance team. The Group CFO regularly reports to the Board regarding tax compliance including material tax matters.
Our Approach to Tax Planning and the Level of Tax Risk that we are prepared to accept
Our approach to tax is to ensure tax matters are appropriately overseen and the correct taxes are paid at the appropriate time based on the prevailing tax laws, rules and regulations. We only engage in transactions that support our commercial operations.
Generator are committed to complying with applicable tax laws, rules, regulations and disclosure requirements. We seek to use statutorily available reliefs and incentives (including any grants), to enhance shareholder value, in a manner consistent with the intention of the legislation.
In line with maintaining our reputation, we are not prepared to accept tax risks that may adversely impact our reputation.
Our approach to tax risk is communicated and understood across the business.
Engaging with tax authorities
Generator seek to have constructive and transparent working relationships with UK tax authorities based on mutual respect and trust.
Where we are unsure on the correct interpretation of a transaction for tax purposes, we engage with professional advisors to clarify its treatment, and where appropriate, engage with tax authorities to gain certainty on the approach taken.