Listen to the world premiere of the Berlin-based producer’s new house track.

Berlin-based DJ and producer Sofia Kourtesis got the inspiration for her newest song while playing at Boiler Room in Generator Hamburg. As someone who's been organising parties since she was at university, sourcing local talent and eventually playing herself at places like Berghain and Melt!, she’s no stranger to hedonism. But all this clubbing fun provoked ambivalent feelings:

“I love making music and playing live but I also hate being in clubs – knowing at the same time that other people around the world are suffering; I hate myself for not being able to help more. It’s kind of ridiculous!” 


This tension between the pleasure of having fun and caring for others is expressed in her latest track, ‘Humans’, which we’re thrilled to premiere on Parallel. Rolling along at a house tempo, it’s a funky constellation of arpeggiating synths – “a song where [she] battles with the happiness and sadness of a mighty species that will one day be gone.”

It’s also a teaser for Sofia’s new album, which will be out in winter 2016.