Generator x Boiler Room | Berlin Mitte


Our 5th Boiler Room European collaboration saw us transforming the Breakfast Room of our Berlin Mitte hostel to mirror the best of Berlin’s clubbing scene. With of course an amazing sound system, a perfectly crafted headline of techno geniuses and a lively outdoor patio, this musical bloodbath did not disappoint.

Starting us off our 5th Boiler Room European collaboration at Berlin Mitte hostel, was the talented DJ and producer, straight from Rome, miss Micol Danieli. Impressively enough, this was her first appearance on the live stream event and she definitely did not show any sign of shyness.

Her carefully crafted set perfectly mirrored her ability to combine the purity of acid synth and drum machine sounds. The appreciation she demonstrated for the underground dance floor scene of the nineties was truly mesmerising and refreshing at the same time. If this the first time you have come across Micol Danieli, make sure to check her latest EPs coming out of her own label 030 Recordings like “030 003v”. You will not be disappointed.

Building on this heavy start, was from the latest electronic community in London, South London Ordnance. With his newest residency in the German capital, the young UK producer’s 45 minutes of screen time proved to all music connoisseur that he is maturing way beyond his years.


The punchy yet dark basslines combined with his signature futuristic synthesis gave us all a taste of his own creative and innovative take on bass music. Make sure to keep an eye on his own label, Aery Metals, as there is only quality coming out of it.

Next up. The UK’s underground techno master Benjamin Damage. His live set, which firstly premiered at Fabric back in 2014, perfectly showcase his roots in the music industry, as he combines a variety of machines to perform a unique set.

This all hardware performance saw him playing around with sections of his original tracks, distorting and restructuring them into a lengthy techno enjoyment creating an energetic environment with moments of atmospheric tension.



Finally, to wrap up this techno inspiration, we had the pleasure of assisting to Etapp Kyle’s Boiler Room debut. This young Ukrainian producer, who’s creativity has led him in reaching unimaginable steps in the techno music scene in such a short period of time, lived up to his much acclaimed reputation.

His closing set, perfectly demonstrated his love for dynamic and dark sounds which he immaculately supports with a landscape of soft melodies and vocals.

This whole techno journey curated by some of the genres most creative individuals was a true inspiration. Berlin thank you once again for having us and hopefully see you all very soon, but with every cloud is a silver lining! Yes, Paris you're up next!