Here's Where To Drink If You're In Berlin Tonight


Or, given the ridiculous time clock of most Berliners, if you're in Berlin this morning...

If you’re the kind of person who wants to head out and grab a drink as soon as you’ve dropped your bags at the hostel (fun-loving troubadour? Craft beef connoisseur? Tragic alcoholic whose trip to Germany is a thinly veiled attempt at self-annihilation?) then you’ll want to keep these nearby bars in mind.

Schwarzwaldstuben, Tucholskystasse 48

Situated north from the hostel on Tucholskystrasse (at the intersection with Linenstrasse), Schwarzwaldtuben is an objectively cool place for painfully cool people who frequent the nearby galleries on Augustrasse. With some great Germanic-with-a-twist food in large portions there’s little reason to move from this bar. It’s great for a quiet lunch or, if you’ve got a group, it can be an excellent place to sit and chat for the evening. 

Fire Bar, Krausnickstrasse 5

Fire Bar is the perfect place to take an evening from a relaxed pint into something a little more regrettable. It turns into a club in the evening, with a huge variety of live performances on offer throughout the year. The bar has its roots in the local music scene, so much so that it even has its own anthem composed and performed by one of the regulars. As a bonus they even run an “Afterburner Session” which begins at 6am on Sunday, for those who don’t want to stop. You are on Berlin time now – get used to it.  

King Size Bar, Friedrichstrasse 112b 

This tiny bar is made for those looking to get a little closer to the Berlin bar scene. If you don’t know anyone going in, then you’re sure to have made friends by the time you come out. This well stocked bar offers a close friendly atmosphere with a packed dance floor and a cracking playlist. It’s a little hard to spot at first glance between the neon signs of tourist bars such as the Oscar Wilde Irish Pub, but it’s worth hunting down.