Catch The Last Few Screenings Of Cinemateket’s Bowie Retrospective


If you thought Bowie’s inimitable presence was purely sonic then Copenhagen’s Cinemateket is here to right your wrong.

Rather than just having a tongue-in-cheek relationship with cinema like many great musicians, Bowie was an actual actor, collaborating with auteurs from Nic Roeg to Julien Temple. 

In Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976), Bowie plays just that – an alien who finds himself unwelcome then sought after landing on planet Earth. Originally in search of water, he finds solace in Earth’s other commons – money, alcohol, sex – and lives out a life that ends up being far too human. If Bowie’s performance feels overwrought and wooden at times – that’s the point.


Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1982) is a more narratively traditional affair, with Bowie playing the lead role of a Japanese prisoner of war. Once again, however, it is Bowie’s sexuality that is charged – pulling the film’s emotions from pole to pole. Also on show is Just A Gigolo (1978), in which we get to see Bowie’s Berlin years time-travelled back to the inter-war years; also featuring, in her last screen performance, Marlene Dietrich. 

Oh yeah. And there’s Labryinth (1991). But you probably already knew about that…

If you’ve only got time for one, we suggest ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’. It’s showing this Sunday at 3.30pm. Head to Cinemateket’s website for the last remaining screenings of the Bowie Retrospective – it finishes on 29 May. To find out where Cinemateket is, check out our Copenhagen Neighbourhood.