Discover The Otherworldly Sounds Of Andy Stott


He’s playing at Copenhagen’s ‘Culture Box’ in two weeks.

The Manchester-based producer and sonic alchemist Andy Stott came to prominence in 2011 with a pair of EPs released on Modern Love. The piercing black-and-white photographs on the cover – a trope he’s kept up with subsequent full length albums – disclosed an otherworldly imagination. 

With subterranean bass, industrial percussion and enough space to fill an empty turbine hall, Stott’s music was bracing enough to play in a club and pristine enough to hang in a gallery. Since then he’s released three LPs: the astonishing Luxury Problems; the gentler Faith in Strangers; and 2016’s Too Many Voices. 


To promote the new album Stott is bringing his live set to Copenhagen’s Culture Box. Expect the producer to be surrounding by an array of pads, knobs and keyboards, triggering sounds that’ll shake your soul. 

If you haven’t been to Culture Box before it’s definitely worth checking out. It consists of four different “boxes” all named after different colours, which are purpose-built rooms “all designed and built from scratch” to make the experience as engrossing as possible. They also have a deal where you get unlimited Tuborg Gold beers between 11 and midnight every Friday and Saturday. So if for some reason Stott’s music isn’t attractive enough that should seal the deal.

Tickets cost 100 DKK on the door. To get to Culture Box from Generator Copenhagen simply walk five minutes down Adelgade. Ask at reception for details. The header image comes from Andy Stott's 'Too Many Voices' [Modern Love]. Buy the album here