Get One Of Your Five-A-Day With SIBA’s New Single


The Copenhagen-based producer is releasing a healthy EP this March.

The producer and vocalist SIBA just premiered a single from his first EP, ‘Fruits’ – each track is named after a fruit and today you can get your fingers red with ‘Pomegranate.’ 


Piano stabs, lacquered percussion and plaintive vocals abound in this 2-and-a-half minute pop song. Fans of Jai Paul – those sudden silences – and PC Music will recognise this joyful synthesis.

Speaking to FACT, who premiered the track, SIMA said ‘Pomegranate’ is one of the “first songs [he put his] own vocals on”. It’s also one of his “faves because it’s really a lot of fun and it’s a bit all over the place and rough.” It's hard to disagree.

‘Fruits’ is released via HEET on 18 March