Go To Manfreds If You Want To Treat Yourself


It’s not as exclusive or expensive as Noma but it was opened by a former Noma chef.

Everyone’s heard of Noma – it’s often voted the best restaurant in the world – but it’s not somewhere most people get to go. It gets booked up months in advance and the tasting menu alone comes to over €100. But one of the ex-chefs, Christian F. Puglisi, started up his own restaurant a few years ago. It’s a lot more fun than Noma’s super-serious postmodern cuisine and, although it’s certainly a treat, the price isn’t going to break the bank.

Manfreds (formerly Manfreds and Wine) is located in Copenhagen’s trendy Nørrebro district, which is a thirty minute journey from the Generator hostel. The district's known for its Middle Eastern cuisine and cutting-edge theatre – it’s an interesting place to explore on your way to the restaurant. (You might pass through Assistens Cemetery, where Hans Christian Andersen and other illustrious Danes are buried.) 

For all Norrobro’s multiculturalism, however, Manfreds is a very Danish affair, offering local produce, organic European wines and inventive takes on classics. Although you’ll certainly survive if you’re vegetarian – we’ve heard great things about the grilled cucumber with fennel hollandaise – Manfreds is most famous for its raw meat (think steak tartare). 

There isn’t a menu as such but a selection of tapas-like sharing dishes, the content of which depends on what’s fresh and what the chef feels like cooking! A selection of seven dishes comes to about €36 per person. So although it’s not cheap, it’s the most affordable way to appreciate Copenhagen's famous haute-cuisine. That said, if it's too much for your budget, Parallel’s got you covered

Manfreds is a thirty minute journey from Generator Copenhagen. You can take the 350S bus most of the way – ask at reception for directions. You can book a table on their website.