The raucous feminist collective will be “spreading love through speakers onto the dance floor and into your hearts”.

If you’ve had your ears close to Copenhagen’s underground, you might have heard the rhythms of Lonely Girls Sad Club. They’re a DJ collective made up of four self-described “girls” who use music to turn “sadness, tragedy, depression and loneliness into a beautiful and positive movement filled with love through art, music and freedom”. 

Their aesthetic and ideology is about fighting against society’s prejudice toward girlhood. If you think their escapist colours and joyous demeanour shows that girls “can’t deal” with the realities of life, then think again. They simply don’t feel at home “in this world that people are destroying”. Their look is a “choice and a showdown against the normative world”. In others words, they represent girl power with a utopian beat – creating parties that show how the world should be.

In between the four hours of music they’ll be playing will be a live set from Mendoza – one of Copenhagen’s hottest rising stars who’s also a member of the collective. Signed to Universal and Atlantic, she’s best known for her pop-house anthem ‘Love Druggie’, although her latest single ‘True Meaning Of Cruel’ has shown her sound evolve in a new direction – mixing the rolling bass of dancehall with hardcore synths. There’s also going to be a special appearance from Harley Queen, one of Copenhagen’s most seductive drag queens. To find out more about Copenhagen’s LGBTQ+ scenes, read our guide.


‘Generator presents Mendoza and Lonely Girls Sad Club’ on Saturday 15 October from 21.00 – 02.00. Entrance is 30 kr.