Generator x Boiler Room | Dublin


Our acclaimed series of Boiler Room stopovers continued for one transcendent night in Dublin, where our line-ups continued to grow in quality and diversity – headlining this event was a sparkling gem in the Generator crown, New Jackson, an artist we’ve been following with particular interest for some time.

His nocturnal house jams coupled with a relaxed and off-the-wall disco vibe combined to continue a reputation founded on his work with labels such as Hivern Discs, Permanent Vacation and hometown label Major Problems.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a dive below Generator Dublin’s hip red-brick factory exterior and deep into the dark of its cavernous basement to see feel-good specialist Magnier.

The driving force behind the label and club night The House of Disco, tonight Magnier produced a stellar opening with his expertly crafted selections, fusing the spirits of Disco and House music.

Magnier kicked the night off in fine form. He certainly set the bar high by combining soulful beats with many years’ of carefully gathered knowledge and experience.



Sias was up next and he certainly turned the tempo up a notch. With charged charisma, boundless energy and an effortless rapport, Sias quickly immersed himself in his eclectic and unique productions.

His weighted and pristine production values provided the perfect mix for the energetic crowd, and warmed them up nicely for the next act.

A special performance was required to keep this musical fire burning. The next special performance came, and it came in the form of The Cyclist. An artist truly moved by warmth, memory and the careful crafting of beautiful music.

The Cyclist brought a depth and new perspective to the group of artists assembled for the night. His lo-fi, opaque and analogue set was one of many highlights from the night. His “tape throb” beats would surely be too hard to beat!


We were clearly proved wrong. New Jackson took the magic in both hands and fully enchanted his audience with a radiant display of his vocal talent.

The tracks that stood out on the night were ‘sat around here waiting’ and ‘Having A Coke With You’. This is a guy whose music has been making some heads turn in Dublin. New Jackson showed promise with his vintage drum modules, trusted synths and an MPC heart.


Our residency with Boiler Room continues with an electric session in the city of love. See you soon Paris!