Your vote matters! Especially to us!

We've been nominated for Best Youth Travel Accommodation. Now we need your help to take the award home.
Look, everyone likes to win. We don't care if it's the Champions League or the Fortnite World Cup or good old bingo. Winning just tastes gooood.
Oh btw, your besties at Generator just happen to be nominated for the Wyse Travel Confederation Awards, representing over 300 million young travellers but hey, no biggie.
We're not telling you how to vote (for us, here). We're not telling you that we work super-hard to bring you a truly excellent experience. We're not- oh who the hell are we kidding? We want this. We want it sooo bad. We won it last year (thank you) but it just makes us want it even more. Did we mention the link here? You are looking so good today.

Five reasons you'd be crazy not to vote for us.

1. Us. We love you. We can't get enough of you. You juice us up. From Miami to Berlin, we jump out of bed every morning just thrilled to have the chance to help you discover our amazing cities. Also we have excellent hair.
2. You. What can we say? You have amazing taste. You're very firmly in the good-looking corner. You're smart and you know how to make some seriously life-affirming choices. Like having Generator on your Been There And Going There Again list. So awesome.
3. Them. Well have you seen the other nominees? We don't want to be unkind... they're just not... us.
4. Those destinations, right? Wander out our door and see the Sistine that Michelfrickinangelo painted, or go see Messi's office in Barcelona, or whisper something important in a friend's ear, way up the Eiffel Tower. Generator's a helluva springboard friends, to many cool places. From Miami to Dublin to Stockholm to Berlin, on and on and on and on.
5. The world's a book. Don't get stuck on one page. Drop by soon.
And don't forget to vote!