Catch Altona FC’s Final Match Of The Season


If you’re a punk, someone who knows punks, or you wear/hang out with people who wear sleeveless denim jackets with a lot of patches on them, you’re probably familiar with St. Pauli.

The Hamburg based football team’s supporters are decidedly left-leaning in their political views, and keen on social activism, progressive ideals, and Punk. Lots of Punk. As a result, they’ve become the go-to football team for anyone tired of the football establishment, or the establishment in general. You’re far more likely to see someone rocking a Crass patch at their matches than a Stone Island parka – which is a good thing.

However, this is 2016, and even the world’s preeminent anarcho punk football team can get a bit mainstream for some. Enter Altona FC von 1893. Also based in Hamburg, the team is in a lower division than St Pauli, but their fans are no less colourful, sporting more patches on their ‘Battle Vests’ than seasoned Bloodstock veterans. The team is also twinned with south London’s Dulwich Hamlets, who are probably the most ‘hip’ football club in the world right now. 

Catch Altona’s final match of the season on this Sunday April 24th, at home to SC Victoria. To get to Altona's ground, the Adolf-Jäger-Kampfbahn ground, get the S1 train from Hamburg HBF (2 minutes from Generator Hamburg) seven stops to Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, then walk five minutes. Entry costs €9. 

Photo: Jack Blocker