If your knowledge is limited to Kraftwerk it might be time to swot up.

The only exhibition in Hamburg you really need to drag yourself to this March is Brilliant Dilettantes. Its focus? The German DIY art scene of the 1980s and the artists, bands, filmmakers and designers who torpedoed the status quo by founding their own record labels, magazines and galleries. 

The exhibition features over 250 exhibits, including – take a breath – paintings, photographs, objects, design, fashion, band films, records, cassettes, audio stations, posters, magazines, fanzines and a film produced specially for the show. You probably haven’t heard of the bands included – Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF, meaning “German-American Friendship”), Palais Schaumburg, and Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle (meaning “Voluntary Self-Censorship”) – so if your knowledge of 80s German music is limited to Kraftwerk, you might want to brush up and take a notebook.

Brilliant Dilletantes runs from 23 Jan - 5 May. Visit the museum’s official website for more info.