With over 32,000 attendees, 700 events and 70 venues across the city.

Although Reeperbahn Festival is mainly known by people in the music industry as a place to network and discover talent – everyone from Bon Iver to Ed Sheeran played there long before they were well known – it’s become increasingly popular with music fans, as well as those into art, literature, film, workshops, food and culture in general. 

The Reeperbahn itself is the red-light district of Hamburg: the perfect location to host – in churches, clubs, museums and even boats – all the different artists who’ll be coming to town. These include established acts like UK beatsmith Gold Panda, a reunion of radical punk rockers Gang Of Four, and the New York hip-hop wunderkind Bishop Nehru. But there are also loads of people who you’ll never have heard of and, in a way, they’re the most exciting thing about it. 

But Reeperbahn isn’t exclusively about music. It hosts art exhibitions, transforming every last nook and cranny of Hamburg into a gallery. There’ll also be workshops teaching you how to get a record contract, and film screenings across the city. It’s basically Hamburg in full-blown cultural carnival mode, so if you needed an excuse to head there, this is it. 

Reeperbahn Festival runs from 21 – 24 September 2016. Early bird tickets have sold out but you can get a three day ticket for €82 and a day ticket for around €40, depending on the day. The area where the festival’s held is a 15 minute bus from Generator Hamburg; ask at reception for details. 

Photo: Lisa Meinen