No Iguana Records are having a free party


If you're at a loose end in London next Thursday and you like that rock'n'roll stuff everyone's been talking about, maybe stop by The Victoria in Dalston for an evening of extremely hip guitar music, for free, no less!

The folks at new label No Iguana Records are celebrating their first release, a seven inch from London guitar heroes Thee MVPs, by having a party in a big room in a pub - and we all know those are always the best kind of parties. Of course, Thee MVPs will play live (they've gotten pretty good at that, which makes sense given the practice they've had on their recent US tour) and will be flogging their new 7" at the show, but you'll also be treated to the dulcet tones of WACO, and a new band called Revenue, which is comprised of members of various London bands including, but not limited to Fat White FamilyBoneyards, Gross Magic, Easy HipsStatic Palm and No Coast. And all this...for free? What a world. 

If you're still not sold on this, check out a fun video that Thee MVPs made for their song 'Edgar' last year, it's a joy to behold:

So to recap:

Thee MVPs at the Victoria, 22nd of September 2016! For free! 

A forty minute bus ride on the number 30 from Generator London. Ask at reception where to find the bus stop.