Our People: Meet Gbenga, Financial Controller, Generator London


Cheerful, dapper, and very passionate about working at Generator London, Gbenga is Mr Numbers as our Financial Controller.

As this is his third position with the company within the past eight years, he’s a champion of the unique working environment Generator London provides.
Describe your role in three words: Exciting, challenging, dynamic.

What do you enjoy about your job? It’s very diverse and challenging. I enjoy the atmosphere of working onsite at the hostel, rather than in a separate office, as it’s very exciting.  You get to know the hostel staff and meet the guests, which is not very common in many organisations. I really enjoy that interaction. At lunch, I can chat to people who are travelling across the world.

What’s the best item on Generator London’s restaurant menu? My favourite is the Coronation Burger. I love it – it’s unique. I truly recommend it.

What does #genlove mean to you? It’s very welcoming. That’s how I feel about the organisation so that’s what I associate with the hashtag. It bonds all the Generator customers and makes them feel part of the same family.

What’s your favourite Generator memory? My very first job after I left Uni was working at Generator, so my favourite memory is getting to know everyone when I first started here. The office, the atmosphere, it was barrels of laughter. It really was. That original team has moved on now; one of them is now the General Manager of Generator Venice, so we’ve all expanded but we’re still very close.

What does London mean to you? It’s home. It’s the place to be, where things happen. It’s exciting. I just love it.

If Generator London was a person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? I’d have to say Michael Jackson. I’ve always followed him, in the same way I always come back to Generator. It’s that sense of familiarity and connection I’ve always felt about Michael Jackson: I could always watch him, I could always listen to his music. That’s what it’s been like with Generator too.

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