Generator Recommends: La Galette Electrique


One of the city's best crêperies.

La Galette Electrique specialises in a specific, traditional version of the Parisian classic: the crêpe bretonne, which is made of buckwheat. All the restaurant’s essential ingredients come fresh from the westerly province of Bretagne, and they’re transformed into creative meals – both sweet and savoury.

The menu offers all the classics but also some inventive combinations that have got the Parallel editorial team salivating, from La Casablanca (aubergine caviar, roast chicken and eggs) to the caramelised apples and vanilla ice cream of Ouessant

If the food wasn’t enticing enough, La Gallete is also a gallery space so you can engage in some cultural consumption too. At the moment, they’re exhibiting the Japano-centric graphics of Remy Rault – a weird psychedelic accompaniment to an excellent meal. 

La Gellete Electrique is a few minutes' walk from Generator Paris. It's closed on Sunday and Monday evening, but is open until late every other day.