Generator X boiler room | Paris


In our 7th installment Paris was lucky enough to bear witness to the penultimate Generator x Boiler Room collaboration, utilising the ideal retro space of Generator Paris’ underground bar and some of the best musical talent that Paris has to offer.

Over four hours, five acts took to the floor to provide what can only be described as a multicultural musical marvel. From the old school vibes of Kiddy Smile through to the dance mastery of Teki Latex, it’s safe to say the eclectic Parisian crowd were not left wanting.

Kicking off the night was none other than 80s ambassador Kiddy Smile. Discovered by Beth Ditto and heavily influenced by the relaxed nature of 80s/90s house, Kiddy saw the room come to life showcasing his undeniable talent producing, singing and rapping us into a frenzy.

Manchester-born, Paris-based DJ Nick V was charged with the taxing task of following Kiddy Smile and with true veteran finesse he surpassed all expectations.

Gracing the city of Paris since 1994 and establishing residencies since 2003, Nick V has been moving from strength to creative strength. And contributor to such residencies as Guys & Dolls, Otra Otra and Ballroom his reputation only seems to grow.

Building his sets around a classic House sound whilst harnessing other genres like Disco, Deep Techno and Dance floor Jazz, Nick V’s energetic set was a gift to the ever growing voguing community instigating a dance floor fire that left no foot standing still.

Next up House of Mizrahi’s official Paris DJ, Betty, took up the torch and saw Paris’ Generator hostel remain unrelentingly on their feet. Displaying her talent for grime and tech hybrids it’s no wonder she’s been invited to perform for brands such as Kenzo and Nike. With her experience with Overdrive infinity and Rinse France she made the perfect addition to our Paris Boiler room line up.

Storming ahead into the night, next up was permanent Paris fixture DJ Orgasmic. Drawing from years of experience as co-founder of Parisian club label Sound Pellegrino and an affinity for House and Techno Bass, Vinyl loving champion DJ Orgasmic kept the room electric with persistent prowess.

A totem of Paris’ nightlife and old friend of DJ Orgasmic, Teki Latex took hold of the reins to finish off the night. With two iconic labels under his belt and a residency at the House of Ninja, Teki can add accomplished choreographer to his resume after an unparalleled reaction of music induced dance.

Paris’ Generator Boiler Room collaboration will not soon be forgotten and, much to the despair of our Amsterdam line up, has surely become the standard by which all future nights will be measured.

Our Generator Boiler Room series concludes in Amsterdam where the youngest in the Generator hostel family will be christened in March with the best Amsterdam has to offer…