How to Become Parisian in One Hour


Olivier Giraud’s mission to educate English people in the nuances of Parisian life doesn’t begin and end with him changing his name to (almost) match that of a lumbering French centre-forward who plays for Arsenal.

How to Become Parisian in One Hour is the name of the chef-turned-stand-up’s one-man show, which promises to teach you how to scowl so convincingly that anyone on the receiving end of it will be convinced you were born in the shadows of Notre-Dame cathedral. Rather ominously, the spiel promises “even your intimacy with your partner will never be the same again”.

The show returns to the French capital for a couple of fuller-looking runs in June and September, but Giraud is putting on a special show at L’Olympia in the 9th arrondissement on Friday, May 20th. It's 100 percent in English and the alternative – to be sneered, jeered and laughed at every you time you go to Paris for your inability to properly navigate the Metro, or pronounce the French word for “duck” – simply does not bear thinking about. Tickets are €35, go get 'em here.