Polo and Pan: Parisians Play at More Festival, Venice


The Parisian Electronic duo take us on a musical journey

Polo and Pan create some of the most atmospheric electronic music to come out of Paris since Daft Punk blazed the trail. But their debut album, Caravelle, released this May, will take you on a sonic voyage way beyond les arrondissements.

“We love travelling and we wanted to make an album that would transport people,” explains  Paul, one half of the pair that makes up the duo.  He and Alex, his musical partner, explain how the sound from their forthcoming album was largely inspired by China, giving it a cinematographic vibe - but still infused with references from their hometown: “The whole album is an homage to love and nostalgia,” says Alex. “Paris is particularly well-represented by a track called Coeur Croissée”.

There’s a new, romantic side to the duo that will be explored in this long-player, along with plenty of other surprises. Their unique method of making music hasn’t changed, however: “Instead of composing our songs in the traditional way we draw them,” explains Alex. “We create a sort of storyboard, which in turn inspires the audio elements of each project.” With the visual side of Polo & Pan so integral to the music, it’s no surprise that they have such strong imagery to complement with the overall aesthetic of the band.

“The album is a journey, so we were looking for a hybrid vehicle to represent the music,” says Paul. “This is why we chose a caravel. In French, this can be a boat, plane or car, which allows us to travel through barriers – sometimes imaginary, sometimes very real.”

Polo & Pan will play a live set at the More Festival, Venice on 11 June.

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