The Paris Hip Hop Festival Looks Set To Be Great


For most of the nineties and early 2000s, many of us associated French music with horribly cheesy Euro-pop, Edith Piaf, and Serge Gainsbourg.

In fact, we were so blinded by this blinkered view that we failed to recognise a true subculture growing in the country’s cities. Luckily, the internet happened, so we were soon able to gain a better understanding of the country’s musical qualities. French hip hop has always had a following, but now it’s starting to be recognised on a larger scale. Between 20 May and 5 June, the Paris Hip Hop Festival will take place at various locations across the city, showcasing France’s homegrown talent and the talent that inspires its hip hop stylings.

On top of this, there’ll be film screenings, DJ sets and dance comps. Freddie Gibbs, B-Real and KRS-One are the names you’ll recognise, but be sure to catch hometown lyricists like A2H - who could go toe to toe with any big name in the booth.