Celebrate Summer At Rome’s Largest LGBT Festival


In a country dominated by Catholicism, LGBT rights remain contentious in Italy.

All the more reason, then, to celebrate the arrival of summer with Rome’s largest open-air LGBT festival. Taking its cue from the Italian actor Paolo Poli – who said your mentality is like an umbrella: it does not work when it’s closed! – the 15th year of Gay Village will bring music, theatre, book presentations, cultural debates and, of course, lots of disco to Ninfeo Park in the south west of the city.

Judging by the gaudy, choreographed and controversial trailer for Gay Village College – the pedagogical arm of Gay Village which aims to uproot prejudice by putting on events throughout the city – it’s going to be a glorious event. 


Gay Village is open every Thursday to Saturday from now until September. It’s open from 19.00 until 04.00, but if you arrive between 19.00 and 21.00 you’ll get in for free! Otherwise, tickets for specific days range from €10 to €18, depending on whose playing and which day you’re going. 

Check out all the different events being put on by Gay Village here. To head to the main site in Parco del Ninfeo from Generator Rome, take the MEB1 Metro from Termini eight stops to EUR Magliana and walk.