Discover The Art Of The Selfie


Artists and egos. There’s always been a link, hasn’t there?

Artists have been using themselves as subject matter for centuries; self-portraits are nothing new. And then of course there are selfies. The Face and Body in Contemporary Art is a sprawling new exhibition about the ego of artists. It celebrates contemporary work in which the artist has put him/herself at the center, while inviting you to ponder the history of portraits, self-portraits and selfies. Just like Posing For The Camera which is on at the moment at the Tate Modern in London, this exhibition interrogates self-representation over the years. In other words, wherever you step in this exhibition the artists will be watching you Big Brother-style. Selfies alongside the work are encouraged. Presumably. 

The MACRO Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Roma is located in a former brewery about 30 minutes from Generator Rome. The nearest station is Piramide. Ask at reception if you'd like help getting there.

Images: Just another Story about Leaving, Urs Lüthi, 1974. Images courtesy of MACRO Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Roma.