Explore Endless Suburbia in Rome’s Street Art Gallery


In this major solo exhibition, Aussie artist Fintan Magee holds a magnifying glass over his childhood growing up in the cultural backwaters of Australia during the 1990s.

The show, narrated through the eyes of the child he once was, tells the story of the people whom he lived alongside in a small suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane: the blue collar workers, Indians, Filipinos, Aboriginals, Italians, Maoris, Vietnamese, Greeks and Pakistanis. Some lived on the street, some had houses. Back then Magee was the local kid, always on his bicycle, always observing. Today Magee is 32 and he travels the world painting large walls. In this personal exhibition, The Backwaters: Stories from the Endless Suburbia, you’ll get a greater sense of the artist’s youth and the details that define the stories he’s been carrying around his whole life.

Endless Suburbia runs from 29 April until 3 June at Galleria Varsi, an art gallery and cultural centre that engages with street art. Check out their website and Instagram.

To get there from Generator Rome, take the no. 70 bus from Giolitti fifteen minutes to Largo Torre Argentina then walk. All images courtesy of Galleria Varsi.