House legend Boo Williams is playing around the corner from Generator tomorrow


When he first broke onto the Chicago House scene in 1981, DJ and producer Boo Williams probably didn’t think he’d be headlining shows in Italy a few decades later.

But given the world’s enduring love for the genre, and the relative ease of accessing the records in the internet-era, Williams and his peers are now demanded by clubbers across Europe.

Boo is considered to be part of the second wave of House producers who hailed from the Windy City – the group inspired by first wave legends like Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy. He’s known for absorbing, driving beats, many of which he famously whips up in under 15 minutes (if his interviews are to be believed). As a result, he’s got an impressive back-catalogue that’s spanned multiple labels and moved thousands of dancing feet over the years.

On Friday 13 May, he’ll be bringing his wax to Rome’s Vicious Club, where he’ll be supported by local acts Sick Tiger and Ricardo Baez. Like many architects of House, Williams might not be the biggest name, but his influence can be heard in the cuts of DJs who have taken their cues from the original Chicago scene. So even if you don’t recognise the name, you’ll certainly know the sound.


Don't Miss Out On Boo Williams

The event starts at 11pm on Friday night and stays open until 6am; tickets cost €15 on the door. To get there from Generator Rome simply walk down Via Principe Eugenio for ten minutes.