Insta-Rome: Discovering the Market at Campo de' Fiori


We love exploring the cities we call home through your eyes; in this Insta-round up, we are discovering the Market at Campo de' Fiori and seeing all it has to offer.

We have a soft spot for Rome – the whole city is a sepia-coloured daydream we don’t want to wake up from. From the food to the sights, just one day in Rome will make you fall in love with its culture, people and delicious, mouth-watering dishes.

The greatest place to discover fresh produce and see where the locals shop for the best ingredients is the Market at Campo de’ Fiori, one of the most popular mercatos in Rome.

Flavours, textures, the old and new, all melting in a kaleidoscope of colourful characters and moments that just begs to be captured.

Here are our favourite pics from the Market at Campo de’ Fiori. Make sure you tag us @generatorhostels to be included in our next article!


Finding your way there

Get lost in beautiful back streets


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You are almost here


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Finding guilty pleasure



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Go on, we won’t tell anyone!


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Plate it up

Inject colour to your table


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Or keep it nice ‘n’ simple


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On two wheels

In the mood for blue?


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Or is red better?


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People Watching

Take a moment


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And when the night falls


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Come in for a bite


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Eat – Drink – Be merry

How about a light snack


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Or when in doubt, just Artichoke it


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