Television Are Playing In Rome This Month!


Television occupy a unique and exemplary position in musical memory.

Emerging in the early 1970s with a messy single split between the two sides of a 7”, ‘Little Johnny Jewel’, they sounded inscrutable – just like everything else coming out of New York at the time. The Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, Patti Smith… it all looks so perfect in retrospect. And Television were there, a cauldron of the punk, DIY, art-rock and everything else Manhattan was cooking up. 

Not prolific, they’ve only released 3 albums and are mainly remembered for their first – 1977’s masterpiece Marquee Moon. The eponymous single’s a ten-minute array of stumbling solos and measured collapse; if you’ve heard it, you remember exactly when and where you were. 



After being “wooed back on stage” for an ATP festival in 2001, turns out they’ve been playing irregular gigs now and then; the line-up’s changed slightly, lead vocalist Tom Verlaine’s there but Richard Lloyd left after an ‘amicable split’. It also turns out, happily, that one of the countries they return to for their sporadic reunions is Italy. 

So if you’re in Rome this month you could do worse than head to Orion on Tuesday 29 March where Television will be playing Marquee Moon in its entirety. Judging by footage of recent live performances on YouTube, they’ve still got it.