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INSTA-BARCELONA: Exploring Europe's Skateboarding Capital


We love exploring the cities we call home through your eyes; in this Insta-round up, we discover the skateboarding mecca that is Barcelona and see all it has to offer.

From Mar Bella beach to Nevermind Bar, Barcelona is at the heart of European skating scene. Endless sunshine and relaxed locals mixed with an abundance of public spaces ideal for landing tricks has made it a playground for skaters.

The contemporary art museum MACBA is easy to find because you’ll hear the sound of boards grinding along its forecourt in El Raval’s Plaça dels Àngels. This is a hot spot for serious skaters at any hour of the day (or night), whilst the picturesque park in front of Mar Bella beach is a great place for newbies and seasoned thrill-seekers alike.

Skate Agora is the polished skatepark where big brand competitions take place each year. On a much smaller scale is the bowl inside punk hotspot Nevermind, which is open to skaters during the day and then transforms into a bar in the evening.

In the first of our Instagramable Barcelona series we uncover the vibrant beauty of the Catalan capital through its skate culture and street style.

Here are our favourite pics of skaters in Barcelona. Make sure you tag us @staygenerator and #GenLove to be included in our next article!



Skatepark Mar Bella


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Nervermind Bar


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Skate Agora


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