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Berlin's Museums are Going Nocturnal on 24th of August 2024


Berliners are night-time creatures anyway so it’s a perfect idea.

A few cities across the world do annual events called White Night or Nuit Blanche. It’s a chance for museums, galleries, churches and other spaces to let the public experience culture in a different context – the dark of the night. Berlin’s doing a variation called ‘Long Night of Museums’ and it looks fantastic.

Berliners are known for having dinner at 10pm and partying until the early morning so a night-time museum bonanza is a perfect idea. It’s happening on Saturday 24th of August 2024 – there will be loads of guided tours of planetariums, laboratories, galleries and museums, as well as workshops, film screenings and talks. There are a whopping 70+ participating institutions and, to make things easier, there’ll be shuttle bus services and free bicycles to hire. From the Anti-War Museum to C/O Photography Gallery, there are enough places to interest everyone.

Museum für Kommunikation during last year's Long Night of Museums. © Marion Borriss

If you want to roam around the city and choose your own itinerary, you can do that – a pass for everywhere use to be around €18.

Tickets will be in sales in August 2024 on Long night of museums website