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The European Month of Photography in Berlin Next Month


Every other year, more than 120 museums and galleries in Berlin feature photographic works as part of the largest photography festival in Germany: The European Month of Photography.

The European Month of Photography was started in Berlin in 2004 with a view to work together on a European level to exchange information and experiences, encourage creativity and to support younger photographers. 

Running in tandem with partner festivals in seven European cities (Athens, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Luxemburg, Paris and Vienna), the festival is organised by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in collaboration with loads of museums, cultural institutions, galleries, embassies, project spaces and photography schools in Berlin and Potsdam. Put simply, it's loads of great contemporary and slightly less contemporary photography scattered throughout almost every gallery in Berlin for all of March.

Go get yourself a catalogue (which is also a really nice book of photography) over here and get busy! There are too many shows to list here, so check out the events at the EMOP website and go from there; but first, have a little look at some work that's showing across the city as part of the festival right here. Click on the photographers' names in the captions below to find out where their work is being exhibited. 

Kike Arnal:
Samen from the series Voladores, 2014, © Kike Arnal

Jean-Marie Périer
: Mick Jagger, 1965, C-Print, © Jean-Marie Périer 

Sebastian Mayer
: Berlin 2000, 2000, © Sebastian Mayer

Bernd Heyden
: Kinder im Hinterhof, Stargarder Straße, Ost-Berlin,1973, © bpk/Bernd Heyde

Polixeni Papapetrou
: Rhodora, 2016, Pigment Ink Print, © Polixeni Papapetrou 

Bernard Larsson
: Straßenszene in Paris,1961, © Bernard Larsson

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