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Lollapalooza Festival - 7 & 8 September 2024


We asked the general managers of Generator Hostels across Europe to recommend places, events and people in their cities. Here's an idea from Berlin.

The original Lollapalooza festival started in Chicago’s Grant Park in 1991 – you may remember its parody in the Simpsons episode “Homerpalooza” – and it wasn’t until 2010, with the worldwide festival revival, that it debuted outside the U.S. In Chile, Brazil, Argentina and since 2016 in Berlin

Festival founder Perry Farrell said, “I want there to be art on the ground because Berlin is known for its artists…You will see very young teenagers, children and older people at Lollapalooza. Everybody is there, nobody looks at each other funny and nobody feels awkward.” Sounds like it complements Berlin’s ethos pretty well.

Farrell hasn’t held back on the line-up. Saturday headliners includes AnnenMayKantereit or Kraftklub. Check out the full line-up here – tickets are available . Early bird ticket are €189 for 2 days. 

Lollapalooza 2024 runs on 7th and 8th of September 2024. It is located in Berlin Olympic Park in the west of the city – a 25 or 45 minute journey from each of the two Generator Hostels in Berlin.