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Pop-Kultur Berlin 2024 - 28th to 30th of August


Pop-Kultur is running from 28th of August to 30th of August 2024.

The recent city-based festivals we’ve featured on Parallel have demonstrated a growing trend for the multi-disciplinary – it’s not longer just a few bands and DJs in a venue you already know, but a panoply of talks, discussions and events. Berlin’s Pop-Kultur, launched in 2015, is following this ethos too. “Over the course of three days, the festival turns into one big productive laboratory for the most ambitious of ideas,” the organisers say.

Some of those ideas will be brought to you by the most forward-thinking and exciting musicians around today. 

The festival is held on the grounds of Kulturbrauerei. Here are all the acts announced so far:

Concerts, DJ sets and more from: Aksak Maboul, Alewya, alyona alyona, Amewu, Amilli, Anna B Savage, Anthony Hüseyin, Arooj Aftab, Cartel Madras, CATNAPP, Christin Nichols, Dlina Volny, Donia Touglo, Drangsal (Lesung), eat-girls, Edward Hunt, Fehler Kuti, FOKN Bois, Fuffifufzich, Gianni Mae, Girlwoman, Grace Cummings, Graf Fidi, Hyd, Isolation Berlin, KABEAUSHÉ, Kælan Mikla, LEOPARD, Lotic, Liz, M.anifest, Nuha Ruby Ra, Oklou, Scúru Fitchádu, Taffee, Tama Gucci, Thala, Theodora, Uffie, Verifiziert, Wa22ermann
more than 50 further slots to follow.


Photo: Roland Owsnitzki, Pop-Kultur 2015.