Going Out in Copenhagen

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It might not have a reputation as a party capital, but Copenhagen promises one of the coolest nights out in Europe.

If you know your IPAs (or fancy refining your taste buds) start your session at a trendy craft beer bar like Godt Øl.

For a spot of live music, you can’t do better than Jolene, where you’ll dance like no one’s watching to electro, or sing along with down-and-dirty rock and roll. For something smoother, there’s jazz club Fontaine (and there’s always a chance you might spot a famous “poker face” here, like the night Lady Gaga showed up to perform).

Whether you’re raving to techno on a sweaty dancefloor, throwing shapes to disco, or sipping cocktails with Copenhagen’s well-heeled set, in this city, you never know how the night will end, but it’s guaranteed to be magical.

Things to do in Copenhagen


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