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Designmuseum Danmark


Have you ever sat down in a chair and thought to yourself, “Ah, this here. What immaculate curvature of the back against my spent torso. How luxurious, the softness of this wood against my sweaty flab.” No? We didn’t either – until we went to Designmuseum Danmark. This place does a stellar job of temporarily turning you into one of those annoying design-obsessed types – the kind of person who actually cares about the age of the wood in a cabinet, or will happily discuss the merits of a patchwork pattern from 1800. The museum is a manageable undertaking too: max two hours and you’ll go through the whole place – and that’s if you really, really scrutinise the fine print of every tiny thing in every exhibition. Oh, and if you’re a bright-eyed youth still untainted by the bleak experiment called adult life (aka either a student or under 26), it’s free.