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GoBoat in Copenhagen - Sustainable Boat Rental

Trust the Danes to develop a form of sustainable picnic boat rental!

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without diving into the city’s canals. Those high quality Nordic regulations mean it’s one of the few cities where the waterways aren’t filled with discarded electronics and other unspeakables, but are actually clean. But if you don’t want to get your feet wet, there’s always GoBoat.

The GoBoat is a “Danish-designed picnic boat” that runs on solar power. They’re a tastefully designed and environmentally friendly space to enjoy a picnic – in other words, the most Danish thing ever. 

The GoBoat’s silent electronic motor runs at a maximum of 4mph and you don’t need a licence or any training to operate it. As long as you’re at least 18 years old, sober and “respectful of the rules of harbour conduct”, you’re good to go.  

The rental pavilion, made from sustainable wood, of course, is located at Islands Brygge, a 25-minute journey from Generator Copenhagen. If you’ve forgotten your picnic stuff, you can pick up some organic delicacies there too. The whole experience isn’t cheap – about €100 for two hours of rental – so make sure you go in a crew; the GoBoat has enough room for eight people!


Try out Goboat

To get to GoBoat from Generator Copenhagen take the M1 Metro from Kongens Nytorv two stops to Islands Brygge.