Wave Market


Handicraft has always been the heart of Wave Market, the central mission in all our events. We believe in crafts as a set of traditions to be preserved and at the same time sustainable innovation, essential value of our culture. During the Market, more than 60 artisans, selected from all over Italy, will exhibit their creations, all hand-made. Away from traditional materials tothe most eclectic, visitors will have the opportunity to learn something more about the processes that are behind each creation and directly to the people who created them.

The workshops are an opportunity to learn, get involved and unleash their creativity. It is a kind of training for everyone, offered by qualified trainers and open to anyone willing to learnsomething new, in a climate of active participation and mutual exchange. The function of our workshops is twofold. On one hand, young and eager to learn can acquire the basics of a certain craft or artistic activities, to develop their own passions, or, why not, insert it inthe future of their working skills. On the other, the workshops are undoubtedly a very valuable experience for the trainers themselves.

Visit the Wave Market

For more information on the market, please visit the website. 

To get there, take BUS 03 (Pit Stop Tarragon - Macchia Palocco)