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Café Koppel - Vegan & Vegetarian Café


Café Koppel’s the kind of warm, inviting vegan & vegetarian café that you remember even if you’ve only been there once.

Apart from the ambience what’s special about it is that you can order a decent breakfast until 6pm! So whether you’ve woken up hungover at midday or you’ve got that inscrutable “breakfast for dinner” feeling in the evening, Koppel’s there for you. We asked our friends at Generator Hamburg for more information:

"In the afternoon you can combine your delicious coffee with a homemade cake. When the weather is fine, you can take a seat outside on the terrace. Another side aspect of the café is that it’s quiet – it’s located in a backyard so the noise from the main street, Lange Reihe, won’t disturb you!” 

Also, the café’s inside a building, Koppel 66, which is full of arts & handicraft shops for you to buy little trinkets commemorating your time in Hamburg. Basically, Café Koppel has everything to offer so there’s no excuse not going!

Café Koppel is a 15-minute walk from Generator Hamburg.