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Hamburger DOM - Largest Fun Fair in Northern Germany


For those unacquainted, the Hamburger Dom is northern Germany’s largest goose fair and takes place over three separate bursts of 30 days each, in the year, Spring, Summer and Winter.

It’s the biggest and longest fair that lasts in Germany, drawing almost ten millions visitors from across the country each year. It’s been described as “north Germany’s equivalent of Munich’s Oktoberfest” – except with fewer tourists. In order words, it’s the best way to experience German folk culture, in all its carnivalesque brilliance, if you’re staying in Hamburg. 

Taking place in the St Pauli quarter of the city, Hamburger DOM essentially turns the whole of the Heiligengeistfeld area into a giant fun fair, with carousels, fairground rides and everything good that funfairs can provide, including delicious bratwurst. 

Each Wednesday is family day, and every Friday – there is a huge firework display that takes place at 10.30pm to get you going before the weekend starts.

Dates of Hamburger DOM in 2022:

  • Summer DOM: from 22nd of July 22 to 21st of August, 2022
  • winter DOme: from  4th of November to 4th of December, 2022

If you want to get there from Generator Hamburg take the U3 tram from Hauptbahnhof Süd six stops to St. Pauli.