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Borough Market: A Foodie's Heaven


If you’re a foodie like us then you have to get down to Borough Market. It’s London’s oldest market and the best known. Specialising in high end fresh produce, Borough Market is home to cuisines from across the globe.

Situated right next to London Bridge, It’s more than accessible. Whether you’re on a budget or fancy something special, it’s all there. Not only is there some of the best street food in the country but there are some award winning restaurants dotted around as well.

Walking around the food stalls it’s almost hard to choose what to have. The colours of what’s on offer are so vibrant and the smells from every corner of the market are captivating. The vendors are all really friendly and love telling you about their delicious food.

The artisanal food that’s sold is of the highest quality and oozes with flavour. You can have traditional British food or something more traditional from a few thousand miles away. The stallholders pride themselves on their craft and don’t cut corners on perfect flavour.

Just a short tube ride from Generator London, you can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner there. You can even buy some tasty treats to take with you on your travels. There’s something for everyone and the food is all reasonably priced. You can see why most of SE1 goes there on their lunch break. But don’t be put off by the lunchtime rush, have a walk around the market, try the samples and the queues will be a distant memory. If you aren’t hungry when you arrive, you soon will be. The highly Instagram friendly food is waiting for you. We at Parallel can’t recommend this foodie haven enough.