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Discover the food in Le Marais


Le Marais is situated in between St-Paul and République Metro stations and contains places to eat that are to die for. If you want to try some traditional French cuisine or anything else really, then it’s here and it’s guaranteed to be good. While some of the restaurants can be expensive, there are a few that don’t break the bank but still pack the taste bud punch you’re craving. Check out our suggestions for dining in Le Marais.

This trendy restaurant is a favourite to the locals. With its warm chic design, you get a sense of modern Paris. The added aroma coming from the kitchen completes the atmosphere of the restaurant and creates a memorable experience. JaJa is hidden from all of the passing crowd on the Rue Sainte-Croix and is situated in a court nearby but is well worth the detour. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat that’s not going to break the bank but still has a refined feel then JaJa is for you.

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Breizh Café
Breizh Café is known for its wide selection of artisanal ciders and not your average crêperie. With strong Japanese influences from the owner, this fusion café is unique and well worth a visit. The savoury buckwheat galettes are filled with quality organic ingredients and dessert crêpes have the added Japanese touch. While other Le Marais eateries are closed on Sundays, be sure to head to Breizh Café which will be open as usual.

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Le Petit Marché
With a modern Asian touch, Le Petit Marché is taking full advantage of the fusion cuisine trend. The small menu is refined and packs a taste bud punch that won’t hurt your wallet either. The delicious seafood has traces Thai ingredients and traditional French methods. The menu also features incredible vegetarian options that will make ant meat eater turn their head. But what Le Petit Marché is known for is their pan fried steaks. Sliced thin and served on a banana leaf for the Asian feel that creates a unique experience. Definitely one for your visit list.

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