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Tribal Café


The passage des Petites Ecuries, a pretty pedestrianised street found through a small archway and lined with a cluster of lively bars and cafes is home to the Tribal Cafe, easily the cheapest and most down-to-earth of the increasingly extortionate establishments that surround it. There is little left in the Paris, or the the Western hemisphere for that matter, that you can get for free but Tribal Cafe offers those with a seat and a pint in hand at 8pm complimentary helpings of moules-frites or chicken tagine. The portions aren’t exactly king-sized but the token is much appreciated, and the young and lively crowd cluster round tables to pinch chips from comrades. Expect cheap pints and a good view of the chumps at the tapas bar opposite actually paying for tiny portions.

Image Credit: FYeahParis! Blog