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Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival 2022


The Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival will take place from 22nd to 25th of September 2022. It's the first festival in France dedicated to films about or inspired by surfing and skateboarding.

Taking place at L'entrepot cinema Rue Francis de Pressensé, the festival includes a selection of short and longs films and feature documentaries that will be shown over four days.

Alongside the films, there are a number of parties, exhibitions, projections and discussions happening in the building - you’ll probably bump into a few of your surf and skate heroes if you hang out long enough! We spoke to one of the main guys behind the event, Guillaume Le Goff, to find out a bit more about the whole thing.


Hi Guillaume, this sounds like a great time and it’s a wonder no one’s done this properly before, you must be really excited. What inspired you all to put together PSSFF?

We’re a group of friends who have all been into surfing and skateboarding for a long time. We realised that international surf and skateboard films, were at a level nowadays that they often look best in a real cinema and no festival showing them existed in France. Surfing & skateboarding are huge now: the two sports have a lot of fans, way beyond the ‘core’ of the scene. It was also a way for us to gather together all our friends and all the surf and skate kids in Paris. PSSFF was born from this idea.

What films are you showing?

You’ll have to check the program, but we have surf and skateboard movies that have never been shown in France before. I think we’ve done a great job of sourcing these films from all over the world.
I would personally recommend The Accord, Skaters & Thieves, When the Earth seems to be Light, Grumpy Old Skaters and The Adventure of Nasasa - they’re all very good.

What’s your favourite skate video of all time?

Powell-Peralta’s Propaganda, Blind’s Video Days, New Deal’s Useless Wooden Toys, Plan B's Virtual Reality and the early 411 videos. There have been too many good skate videos in the recent months and years to name them all.

What is your favourite surf film of all time?

The John John Florence Hurley movie is quite a piece. And I will say Endless Summer; classic shit right?

Who are your favourite French surfers and skaters?

A French pro surfer from Tahiti, Michel Bourez, or this young ripper Charly Martin, from Guadeloupe. Michel is powerful and a great human being, and Charly is so talented, stylish and nice.

What's the best french skate or surf film our readers should check out online?

I would of course recommend everyone to watch our national skate treasure Fred Mortagne’s videos (he’s a member of our PSSFF skateboard jury), from éS to Flip to the most recent ones. In surf, Antoine Besse’s or Marion Poizeau’s ones from our PSSFF selection are great. You can also check out people like JP Veillet, Lionel Sarran, Nicolas Dazet, Gibus de Soultrait.

Thanks Guillaume! We’re really looking forward to tonight!

For more information on the PSSFF, check out their website.