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Get Lost In The Mayhem Of 'Art Paris 2024'


4-7 April 2024, art lovers of all stripes will descend on the City of Love, for the Art Paris - Art Fair. 

It’s basically the French equivalent of London’s Frieze Art Fair. And it looks to be just as beautifully chaotic, jam-packed with artworks from 130 modern and contemporary art galleries from 20 countries. 

The focus here is on discovering or rediscovering the work of modern contemporary or emerging artists. Speaking of which: as with Frieze, you’re bound to discover something in there that will make your eyes pop out of their sockets. It’s just a matter of elbowing your way past the suits with oversized calculators first. Embrace the mayhem. 

To get there from Generator Paris, take the 2 Metro from Colonel Fabien to Places De Clichy, then take the 13 four stops to Champs-Élysées - Clemencau.

All photography courtesy of Art Paris. Photography by Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc.