What to do in London

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Is there a more iconic city? Rhetorical question, obvs! London is home to the Queen (and her corgi squad), the red phone booths, and world-famous landmarks like Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and Big Ben. 

A hub for fashion, music, art, and pop culture, London has enough museums, parks and tourist attractions to keep you busy for weeks…but if you dream of magical adventures, hurry up: the Hogwarts train leaves soon from Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross!

When your belly starts rumbling, you can taste London’s multicultural roots in the diverse cuisine. The eclectic nightlife is legendary, too. Fancy downing pints of ale in a dingy East End boozer, sipping mojitos in a swanky rooftop bar, or busting out your best moves in a super-club? The choice is yours because London has a venue for every vibe.

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