We are looking to the future - and you?

Alongside our goal to provide a safe experience for our guests, Generator is also on a mission to protect the environment and promote a space where travellers from all over the world are free to be their authentic selves at all times.
Through engaging in more sustainable initiatives and fostering social mindfulness and security for our guests, as well as local communities, employees and stakeholders, we aim to lessen our negative impact on both the planet and the society we are part of. 



● The hybrid accommodation model is 70-80% less carbon intensive than regular hotels on a per-guest basis average basis (in fact, our shared facilities allow us to consume less water and energy);
● We love to give old buildings a new life! That’s right – we don’t build our properties from the ground up, but we take what’s already there and convert it into something unique.

  • Generator Madrid: Originally designed as a gas station parking lot, Generator Madrid now features 129 rooms and 542 beds, 2 F&B outlets and a gorgeous rooftop to soak up the Madrileño sun.
  • Generator Amsterdam: Located in Oosterpark, our Amsterdam property used to be a zoology university building that has then been Generator-converted into a home away from home for all the thrill seekers out there.

● We are located centrally – so it’s far easier for you to visit on foot, avoiding taxis, uber, trains, buses, tube, etc…
● But if you must…bike, don’t ride! Cycling is one of the most sustainable methods of transport out there. If you can’t walk to your destination, rent a #GenBike from our reception.
● Go Green! All our private rooms allow you to opt-out of housekeeping services to minimise our (and your) environmental impact by reducing waste, water, and the usage of cleaning products. And we also pay you to do it (yup, you got it right!). Find more here.
● Our bar and restaurant menus offer vegan and vegetarian options.


● Save water – take shorter showers (or shower with a friend).
● When leaving your room, always turn lights and electronics off.
● Request to reuse towels and linen throughout your stay. 
●  Wherever you go, remember to carry a reusable water bottle with you. 
● Don’t leave a trace – whenever you can refuse to rely on single-use plastic (these items can take up to hundreds of years to decompose).  
● Do your research on the city you visit and immerse yourself in the local environment responsibly and compassionately.
● Try a meatless Monday! By consuming locally sourced ingredients, especially vegetables, you lower your overall carbon footprint.
Watch the space for more updates!