Generator x Boiler Room | Hamburg


Next up in our Boiler Room series, we took the party to Hamburg…and Hamburg parties hard. Hidden behind the bar, we transformed the Generator Hamburg Breakfast Room into a Boiler Room set – with psychedelic projections that complemented each artists’ set perfectly.

Sofia Kourtesis packed a punch straight off the bat with her energetic mix of techno, taking the crowd straight into pretty hard sounds and pounding bass immediately. And she didn’t stop. Her lively and animated DJ-ing set the tone for the rest of the evening. We predict amazing things for this talented Peru-born, Berlin-based powerhouse.

A solid resident at Hamburg’s respected club Golden Pudel, RVDS saw the sunset in with a summery mix of foot-tapping piano house. His blissful set flowed seamlessly from house into kraut rock, and the crowd were heating up. Even with a terrible cold (his set sees him don a scarf for the entire set), RVDS brought the house down ready for the penultimate artist.

Pizza-loving Arnaldo played an ambitious set. The moustached Berlin-based Argentinian managed to play a whopping 17 songs in one hour, including an Arthur Russell acapella that had the floor pumping with energy.


By the time Session Victim played their live set, the crowd were pumped and ready to give their all. Session Victim’s set can only really be described as a frenzy of action, a sweat-drenched hub of funky bass (played live, of course) and uplifting, foot-stomping piano house. Masters of creating an atmosphere that is genuinely hard to beat, the Hamburg duo delivered a truly electrifying set that was nothing short of mind-blowing. If you ever get the chance, we highly recommend seeing these guys in action…

Thanks Hamburg, you were an absolute blast.